my dear

My Dear


whatever tomorow cos i feel i'm crazy about ya


feel like a shaman, a reel vitki


but i am also creepy


another soul


another destination


another ball


another exclusion




if i do not create, i am in darkness


forgive me, i could not guess




am avalokitesvara, am freyr, am wottan, am lokisnam


was unlucky, now i'm satisfied


faith is weird when you wanna be a reel wizard




i feel hypnotized by your eyes dear 'yin'


you're my soulmate n there won't be anyone else




cos i can wait, sadness ain't a daylife


time is endless, friendship is eternal




now that i found you i promise


to never make you sad or betray


cos i know wat it feels to be betrayed




so believe me when i tell ya we're kindreads