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This is da story of an auto-initiation

about love and magick

about hate and soulfuck

about rows and futharks

for a true Vitki with girls and bones

homies and fans around the world

and dirty cults of Elders and Healthens

Female sounds a wild man's laugh

Men's are souls a woman's mind

upon ethers are spaces where black materia solidifies

the matter of what you can think or love

into this sacred journey

gnomes and dwarves coming down under tha moon

vampires from te shadows and black healthens

from the underground.

country slayed by a virus, ennemy of life and culture

I've been rapped into my soul and screwed up into my skin

as a foolish one to love, I.sent threats n been captured

along the way in psychiatry then got healed by the ennemy

in my mind are voices and I couldn't see my pain

cos I've been assassinated into the zone

fucked up minds of where I've been

got reborn in this journey, new travels for who deserve

self being of love and laughter, a real true her a human being

go fuck them souls

can't trust anybody and nobody trusts ya

nothing to loose in this journey

travelling far, far away from me, cos nobody's a poet in his country

souls and minds together can"t be beat cos heart is there along the way

feeding hell to Nirvana

from Dyha to Valhalla 

Kahyna's a laugther for true wizards

back to the end is start and start is back from the end

nobody can feel or guess what I need or I can do

Cos my name is Känto, i've got to prepare

one more year on a night life, another day another realm

ì waz a prince now I'm a king, She's my queen I want a Lady

can be just a soulsista as i'm glad to have it now

a woman looking for love that I'll feed the all I can

remotely anonymous getting rid of this rude hell

and from my innocence, such a force to love for them

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