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dear sys i do love you more than myself

i like your eyes i like your sight

i like your talking i like your blowing

i know i talk to much so i write this song

to tell you what i think

we'll walk on our own and someday we'll meet

and it will be the best day of my life

we've talked enough dear sista

you're magickal gurl to me

when i'm with you i talk too much

and when your're gone i feel sad

i feel luv for you gurl

when you fly away i'm in sadness

but then i write beutifull things cos i'm a beat poet

would you be my girl dear sister,

n maybe more, well, we'll see

from a day to another

we discover more each other

i love your sight, i like your blue look dear sista

let me tell you i'll always be yours, forever

even if you don't love me i do love ya

even if we're far far away from eyes

you're close to my heart

i would do everything for your love dear sista

cos i feel you're my gurl

at anytime you can reach me

soul to mind thinking, empathic feeling

cos love is soul to mind empathy

so let's share heer n now what we think

from one day to another i love you more n more

so why not starting a good story between us

i already miss you but i know you're thinking about me

i already miss you but i know i'm thinnking about you

you're my yin i am your yang is that enough to you ?

i'm your yang n your my yin is that enough to me ?

we're yin n yang minded is that enough at all ?


only the weak looses crown's

my thoughts are arrows

my mind is a sword

i can sweam in di air

i can scream to my tears

but there's nobody outthere

to heal my sadness

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