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Direct and Immediate Remuneration

Direct and Immediate Remuneration

Publié le 12 janv. 2021 Mis à jour le 12 janv. 2021
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Direct and Immediate Remuneration

No intermediaries, no late payment, no hidden fees: the Panodyssey solution

Panodyssey bets on the real short-circuit to enhance the value of authors' publications. The readers pay and support authors directly without having to go through advertising. 

At Panodyssey, authors are always highlighted. Their publications are valued.

When a reader wishes to support an author, he or she can pay the author directly. He or she then becomes a donor for the person receiving the money.


In that respect, creators meet their patrons on Panodyssey and share projects, achievements, and publications over time. The sponsor and his or her creator will be able to create strong links throughout the creation and diffusion of their projects.

In the example below, the patron pays 100 Euros to the creator. The creator's portfolio is immediately credited with 76.70 Euros. This money is immediately available and the creator can transfer the funds to his personal bank account with a simple click at any time. He is the boss!

All the money credited to the creator's wallet belongs to the designer alone, the owner of the wallet. Panodyssey has no access to this money.

Out of the 100 Euros paid by the patron to the creator, Panodyssey takes 23.30 Euros. This sum of money is automatically deducted by the service provider who manages the secure processing of transactions, our partner Mangopay.

In summary, as soon as the service provider in charge of the secure processing of the transactions accepts and validates the 100 Euros transaction, it immediately and automatically distributes the 100 Euros to credit two separate accounts:

  • 76.70 Euros for the creator
  • 23.30 Euros for Panodyssey

Panodyssey then distributes the 23.30 Euros as follows:

  • 19.42 Euros for the Panodyssey commission and payment processing fees paid by Panodyssey to the transaction management company Mangopay
  • 3.88 for VAT at the rate of 20% in France, this amount is paid by Panodyssey to the tax authorities each month.

After the payment by Panodyssey of the transaction management fees and VAT, the Panodyssey company receives approximately 16 Euros.

The online launch is set for the end of December 2020!

The good news!

The author is immediately informed in his notification flow that a generous patron is supporting him up to 100 Euros to help him realize his projects.

My money in my wallet


My portfolio, as an author, is immediately credited with 76.70 Euros. I can transfer my money without waiting by clicking on Transfer my money.

Panodyssey transparency

The receipt is issued immediately by Panodyssey. It is available in my income management space. All the details are indicated which ensures total transparency, quite simply!



lecture 110 lectures
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