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Silent Reflection

Silent Reflection

Published Mar 21, 2024 Updated Mar 21, 2024 Personal Development
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Silent Reflection

The world stands still, devoid of sound,
Not even a whisper to be found,
A moment of silence, deep and profound,
As if time itself has come unwound.

In this hush, I hear the beat of my heart,
Pulsing gently, as if it's a part
Of the stillness, the quiet that surrounds,
A rhythm that knows no bounds.

I see a world in shades of gray,
Where loneliness is here to stay.
But even in this muted view,
I see the beauty that is true.

The flutter of a butterfly's wings,
A single leaf as it gently swings,
A snowflake falling, light as air,
All these things, so small and rare.

In this silence, I am aware,
Of every breath, every strand of hair,
And as I stand, alone and still,
I feel a peace that is surreal.

My thoughts, like ripples in a pond,
Are soft and gentle, and then they're gone.
As I am lost in this moment of peace,
A short time that will never cease.

And as the world awakens once more,
I hold onto this stillness, this open door,
To the peace that lies deep inside,
A sanctuary that cannot be denied.

lecture 70 readings
thumb 2 comments

Comments (2)


Jackie H 3 months ago

Reminds me of the years when I was studying English literature 🙂

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