Our Odyssey: Reinvent the content discovery


The content discovery
Panodyssey is a platform without ads and hidden algorithms. What do we do? Provide high-quality content to our readers which lets them discover, learn and reflect on the things that matter. Discover
benefiting the authors

Intuitive interface, matchmaking technology and collaborative editing let every Panodyssey author write, team up with other specialists and easily product new (master)pieces of content.

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from an author to a reader,
Direct connection

We imagined a different (eco)system. Here at Panodyssey, readers reward and support authors directly, without intermediaries.

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Share the value

Every Panodyssey author may set a monthly subscription price for his blog, or leave the articles in free access. The owner of the content has the freedom to monetise it as he wants.

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They support us
Région Île-de-France
Mairie d’Asnières-sur-Seine
Institut Polytechnique
Havas Blockchain
Universal Music
Institut Français de la mode
La French Tech
CAP Digital
We use blockchain
To protect the content

We use blockchain technology to protect the content due to intellectual property registry. We guarantee the author’s rights for the content, the revenue sharing and total transparency of the value chain.

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our Ambition ?
A compromise between
Ethical and Digital

Europe strives to protect the private life of its citizens.
We have to think not only about consumers but also about readers and authors. Let’s build a new European digital model: open, balanced and concrete. Panodyssey is a European alternative to GAFA.

Our Odyssey
The way is long, and this is just the beginning!
  • July 2019

    The launch of the first French version of the platform

  • November 2019

    Public presentation of our solution to the European Commission

  • January 2020

    First English-speaking authors

Panodyssey crew
Alexandre Leforestier
Ship captain
Yann Rigo
Head of navigation
Marc Biorklünd
Ship constructor
Valentin Bert
Cruise responsible
Sébastien Leforestier
Admiral Malouin
Anastasiia Shpiliak
Director of shipboard activities
Joris Laforce
Coach designer
Aysel Mammadli
Manon Moser
Pirate sailor
What they say about Panodyssey
Jean-Noël Tronc
General Manager of the SACEM
Good job Panodyssey team, the tool is creative, a great example of the French Tech
Joëlle Toledano
Professor Emeritus Paris-Dauphine
As professional as Wikipedia, as various as Twitter ... or pocket books :D
Patrick Picaud
Directeur Général Adjoint Universal Music France
Panodyssey a su positionner son projet de manière originale auprès des acteurs économiques et institutionnels du secteur culturel suscitant un consensus rare dans le milieu et montrant une appétence commune pour faire émerger un nouveau modèle numérique européen.
Arthur Le Vaillant
Sailor, singer
Panodyssey is crossing the oceans of creativity, it allows us to satisfy our curiosity and the desire to radiate positivity!
Claudia Moscovici
Author and art critic
The arts are intertwined. Moreover, writing, the visual arts, film, dance, architecture are more than professions or vocations for creators; they are also a way of life. Panodyssey offers a creative space for artists in all genres to interact and collaborate.
Edouard Boulon-Cluzel
And what if we (re)create the link between men through the words?
Emmanuel Simonneau
Chairman of the Board at Sigma Gestion
Félicitations à Alexandre et son équipe pour leur incroyable sens de l’innovation et leur dynamisme. Panodyssey est un très bel outil qui va révolutionner le monde des medias.
Marie Claude Régnier Mizial
Blogueuse, assistante sociale
Panodyssey est une belle initiative intéressante mais aussi intergénérationnelle. Ca me fait une bouffée d’air frais ! Je suis ravie d’y participer et vous remercie de votre gentillesse et votre disponibilité auprès des utilisateurs !
Christian Ciganer-Albeniz
Senior Advisor at Associes en Finance
There are those who dream to write and those who write their dreams!
Frédéric Lazorthes
Consultant, journalist, essayist and author
Panodyssey fits to its name because it’s a state of mind. It lets me dare sharing my passions with other and with their help bring them to a good conclusion.
Quentin Jammes
Consultant indépendant
Panodyssey est une épopée collective de création et d’échange ; c’est un navire où l’humain reprend son sens dans les flux et reflux digitaux. Son chœur portera loin.
Ernest Bio Bogore
Tech & business writer
Panodyssey is a newborn with great ambitions. It’s a game changer and you should definitely pay close attention to it. I think everyone who is from the creative world should definitely register to the platform.
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