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Weakness, lack of anticipation, lack of ethics in the world of banking

Weakness, lack of anticipation, lack of ethics in the world of banking

Published Jan 7, 2021 Updated Jan 7, 2021
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Weakness, lack of anticipation, lack of ethics in the world of banking

In the early stages of 2021, it seems important to both of us to share a letter sent in 2016 to Mr. Sergio Ermotti, CEO of the Swiss bank UBS in Zurich. Unfortunately, we have never received any answers to our proposal. Mr. Ermotti left office during the fall of 2020 and we have learnt that Mr. Ralph Hamers, his newly appointed successor, is caught up by the justice of The Netherlands where he is prosecuted for alleged money laundering for his activities when he was heading the bank ING. We have read, flabbergasted, that the President of UBS was aware of the background of the new CEO and which was also taken into consideration by the Board of Directors of the bank.

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